Why not invite some friends or family over this Saturday and celebrate Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight with a Scottish tipple and a wonderful cheesy canape?

This year, the Fortnight, which runs from 2nd – 17th September, is urging the great Scottish public to change one thing about their eating and drinking habits to allow them to incorporate elements of Scotland’s rich food and drink larder into their day (#onethingfortnight).

Each day of the Fortnight has an inspirational theme to get the Scottish public to enjoy a Scottish product or two.

The theme for 9th September is Drinks Party, and the Chief Executive of Scotland Food & Drink, James Withers, is encouraging party hosts to embrace Scottish produce!

This year, Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight ties in with VisitScotland’s Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology.  Whether you’re a foodie or prefer the water of life, it’s fascinating to see that some of our favourite Scottish indulgences have been around for centuries.

Scotch Whisky

Monasteries first recorded making usgebeatha (usky), water of life, in 1494. But it was the Highland crofters, distilling their home-brew with surplus barley and their location’s unique water, who continued this tradition until the 1707 Union resulted in tighter regulations and taxes. A move strongly resisted by the ‘home-brew’ distillers.

Thin Oatcakes (small and round) with the Crofter’s Crowdie

A great treat for 19th century Highland crofters, who still kept a cow for milk, was to spread a thin, crisp oatcake with fresh butter. Then mix their crowdie cheese with fresh cream and pile it on the oatcake. A feast of flavours and textures: acid, sweet, salt, soft, crisp and crunchy.

James Withers, Chief Executive of Scotland Food & Drink said:

“The theme for the Fortnight is to get people to change one thing about their eating habits or diet – even if it is just for one day!  Producers, chefs and the wider food and drink sector here in Scotland are things that we should all celebrate and the Fortnight give us the chance.

“Whether your tipple of choice is gin, vodka, whisky or apple juice, you’ll find plenty of Scottish producers out there producing wonderful drinks. Why not have some friends round for drinks this weekend and treat them to not only Scottish drinks but some easy Scottish canapes made using one of our fantastic Scottish cheeses?

“Just one change can make a huge difference and may encourage lots of other people to take part – so get involved and let us know what you are doing to support the Fortnight.”