We are delighted to participate in the Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight 2019.

Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight is an annual celebration of the best Scotland’s food and drink sector has to offer from every corner of the country; from iconic brands to innovative entrepreneurs.

Introducing our Scottish Suppliers

Taste of Arran

Taste of Arran products are all made on this one tiny island using as many natural ingredients as possible: the milk for our cheeses and ice-cream is collected daily from the island’s three small dairy farms. Our award winning products are handmade by people who care passionately about food and the wonderful environment in which they’re lucky enough to live and work. Each product captures the essence of Arran and every bite gives a taste of island life.


McGhees Family Bakers

Founded in 1936 by Douglas McGhee at the original bake house in Oran Street, Maryhill, Glasgow. The company operated and grew from this site, servicing the local shops and market with a range of freshly baked morning rolls, tea-bread & savoury products. With a reputation for top quality products, McGhee’s continued to grow into the catering trade whilst continuing to service their core customers locally with fresh morning goods.

Continual investment in our people, our services and our facilities means further expansion this year, we now operate out of possibly the most modern and efficient bakery production unit in Britain.


Mull of Kintyre Mature Cheddar

Mull of Kintyre is a premium Scottish cheddar brand with a rich, distinctive flavour and heritage. Made to a long established recipe, the cheddar uses only the milk from local dairy farms. Crafted at the Campbelltown Creamery on the Kintyre Peninsula, it is produced by a dedicated and passionate team whose knowledge and years of experience make the rich and distinctive cheddar. Specialist cheese graders then hand select only the highest quality cheddar so it is matured for just the right amount of time to ensure it holds the perfect depth of flavour. The Creamery  recently won ‘Gold’ at the prestigious 2016 World Cheese Awards making it a must have for any foodservice professional.


Mrs. Tilly’s

Mrs. Tilly’s Confectionary, is a family run business committed to producing traditional Scottish confectionary of outstanding quality. Created by hand using traditional methods, our wonderful tablet, made to a secret recipe, and our fudge have deservedly earned a great reputation for its mouthwatering flavor. We only use the finest of ingredients and in keeping with the commitment to quality, all out products are free from artificial preservatives and additives.

Walkers Shortbread

Walkers Shortbread Limited is a family company founded in 1898 in the picturesque village of Aberlour, in the heart of the Scottish Highlands.  Today, Walkers Shortbread is still made by traditional methods, using the original Walker family recipe, and is guaranteed to contain no artificial flavourings, colourings or additives.

A unique combination of quality, superb packaging and innovation has established Walkers as the leading brand of Shortbread world-wide and has created a strong and increasing demand from satisfied consumers.  Walkers best known for their pure butter shortbread also produce a wide range of speciality biscuits, oatcakes and cakes.



The Vale of Strathmore is Scotland’s largest underground aquifer, and the first stage of the Strathmore journey. Every drop of its water is uniquely pure, fresh, and rich in minerals. We’re proud to share it with you.



MacPhie is the UK’s leading independent ingredients manufacturer, which has been producing premium quality food ingredients and solutions since 1928.

An international food business headquartered in Scotland, its product range is used by bakers, chefs and food manufacturers across almost every industry worldwide.

From bread and cake mixes to icings, frostings and fillings, we provide great food solutions. Like our range of ready-to-use sweet and savoury sauces and desserts, you know what you’re getting – quality, consistency and reliability.


Rowan Glen

With decades of experience making yogurt, Rowan Glen knows a thing or two about great-tasting dairy products. Renowned for our extensive range of high-quality, nutritious products, we’ve got something for all the family. Local milk and quality ingredients are the building blocks of Rowan Glen’s yogurt range, including our Low Fat natural and mixed yogurt, a shopping basket staple. Rowan Glen has dairy covered, with a local and trusted brand seal of approval.


John Ross Jr

John Ross Jr – Master Curers & Smokers Est 1857

A respect for centuries-old methods, a craft passed down from one generation to the next, and a commitment to taking our time. We’ve held these values since 1857.

Having produced superior Scottish smoked Scottish salmon in the truly traditional way for more than 160 years, John Ross Jr is now one of the last remaining smokehouses to create smoked salmon that is rich in texture and succulent in taste.

The smokehouse’s historic kilns, which have been listed by Historic Scotland for their cultural significance, are used daily to create our iconic Traditional Smoked Salmon, which is available via Bidfood Scotland in sliced sides and 454g and trim packs.



Our mission is to create an edible Seaweed industry of scale in Scotland, that is 100% sustainable, good for the coastal environment and beneficial for our local rural communities.

SHORE takes this super healthy ingredient and makes it appealing & accessible to consumers; with innovative, nutritious and tasty vegan products made with our clean & trusted source of local seaweed.

Our new SHORE Seaweed Puffs are a deliciously crunchy, umami filled savoury snack that’s packed with good for you nutrition & all for under 100 calories per bag.