Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight 2017 ended on Sunday 17th September, having spent 16 days celebrating all those who grow, make, cook and sell Scottish produce and encouraging the great Scottish public to change one thing (#onethingfortnight) by choosing more Scottish food and drink.

Having reached around a million people throughout the Fortnight, the organisers have now turned their attention to 2018, which will see Scotland celebrate The Year of Young People.

The Year of Young People (#YOYP2018) 2018 is an opportunity to celebrate the amazing young personalities, talents, and achievers that make up Scotland. It’s all about inspiring our nation through its young people’s ideas, attitudes and ambitions.

What better way to inspire a generation than through the love of great Scottish food and drink?

Scotland Food & Drink, the organisers behind Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight, are looking for inspiring stories and inspirational young people who showcase just how accessible and exciting the food and drink industry is, whether it be in terms of offering rewarding careers or providing tasty and nutritional meals.

Do you know someone under the age of 26 who has been doing wonderful things within the Scottish food and drink industry? Perhaps they are a young farmer who has grown a business from nowhere, perhaps they work in your restaurant, school canteen or café, perhaps they volunteer at a charity soup kitchen or perhaps they share their culinary passion via a blog or on social media? We would love to hear their story.

James Withers, Chief Executive of Scotland Food & Drink, said:

“We are delighted to have celebrated a superb Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight this year and so many people have engaged with our #onethingfortnight challenge by changing just one thing about how much Scottish food and drink they eat.

“We now look ahead to The Year of Young People in 2018 and are seeking inspirational young people with great food or drink stories to help us better tell the world about Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight when it comes around again next year.

“Please let us know what you are up to, or what a young person you know is contributing to the Scottish food and drink industry. We would love to hear from you.”

Please get in touch on Twitter using this year’s hashtag #onethingfortnight or by emailing