Today, we are focusing on the office meeting. Whether you are hosting a lunch as part of your meeting or simply providing biscuits in the afternoon, here are some interesting facts.

Lunch Meeting

Smoked Salmon with Lemon and Sourdough Bread and Butter

Preservation of salmon began with a method known in the 15th century as ‘kippering’. It produced a strong, smoked and salted cure with a long shelf life. In 1921, a long-life, kippered salmon was still made on the Mackenzie’s Gairloch estate. Also a milder cure for more immediate use.

Afternoon Meeting

Petticoat Tails Shortbread

This round, thin, crisp Scottish shortbread is noted in the annals of the gastronomic Cleikum Club in 1829. First, a small circle is cut out of the center and the outer circle cut into segments to make a shape resembling a lady’s bell-hoop crinoline petticoat. Removing the pointed ends of the wedge avoided breakage.

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