Age: 17

For 17-year-old Jordan, cooking has quickly become his passion. After an opportunity came up to join a Skills for Work programme in Hospitality at Forth Valley College, Jordan decided to pursue this further with a one-tear NC Hospitality course in food and drink service.

“This course has given me the chance to learn about food preparation and the kitchen environment and after completing the NC course I quickly realised that cooking is my passion.”

Working in the food and drink industry is something Jordan wanted to do since he was a student a Falkirk High School.

“My first step was doing Home Economics from first year until I left in fourth year where I was able to get experience of preparing different meals and different courses.

“As a result of doing this course I have learned a variety of skills, from making and serving drinks for customers, taking food orders, preparing bills and cooking meals. I enjoy working with customers and providing a good service is always important to me.”

The college’s stunning Gallery Restaurant not only offers diners stunning views but highly valuable teaching and experience for students as a fully operational teaching kitchen and dining area.

Guests are offered both lunch and dinner services with delicious dishes 100 per cent designed and prepared by students on site. For Jordan, this experience has given him the skills and confidence to look to plan an exciting future for himself.

“My goal is to become a chef and the experience and skills I have now been able to get give me the opportunity to travel and work in any part of the world. This, for me, is very exciting. I want to continue developing my knowledge and experience of cooking and experience different cultures and places.”

Ultimately, it’s becoming a professional chef in Scotland that Jordan is passionate about.

Jordan’s #ScotFoodGoals are to achieve his dream of becoming a professional chef and continue learning and cooking with the unique and delicious food and drink our country offers.

Watch Jordan’s #ScotFoodGoals video