Age: 20

For 20-year-old Jakob Eunson, farming is in his blood. Working as a two-man team with his dad on the family farm, Jakob is involved in various aspects of farm life but the role he relishes the most is that of the butcher where he does everything from processing the meat, and delivering to key businesses, to managing the invoices and developing new business opportunities.

“It’s a pretty demanding and busy role, but I love it. There’s always a job to be done. We currently supply meat to a number of local shops and restaurants, plus a hotel and café so I’m regularly on the road.”

After leaving school at 16, Jakob went to work for a local butcher where he gained his apprenticeship. He then decided to head to college where he studies agriculture and was awarded Apprentice of the Year for Scotland in March 2018 from Lantra. As a direct result of this, Jakob has been recognised by Royal Highland Show as an industry champion in agriculture.

For Jakob, it’s the satisfaction of having happy customers which really make his job worthwhile.

“Customers are looking a better product than what’s just on offer in the supermarkets and want to support local producers like myself. It really makes my day when someone says to me that they ate my meat recently and it was spectacular.”

Encouraging more young people into the industry is something which Jakob is incredibly passionate about, especially in a trade where they can learn important skills from their elders. However, he feels that there are some great opportunities for young people to lead on.

“Young people can really make a lasting impression in the industry. It’s important to get involved at a young age and learn from your elders but young people can really get involved in all the foodie trends that are happening like food provenance. There will always be food, and always new ideas to be had.”

Looking to the future, Jakob is keen to grow the business to a point where less meat is imported from the likes of New Zealand.

“By maximising the amazing food we have here in Scotland, we can continue to support local businesses. While we supply lamb to towns in mainland Scotland, we have so many beef customers here in Shetland we haven’t had the need to expand any further. However, this is something I am excited about developing in the future.”

Jakob’s #ScotFoodGoals are to continue working with his dad to grow the family business and to ensure it lasts for generations to come.