Age: 26

Ilona is part of a large family working in the Scottish food and drink industry, from aunties producing delicious ice cream and award winning cheese, to her dad and brother who run the family farm in Crieff, food and drink has always been a big part of Ilona’s life.

Following a number of years in the hospitality industry, Ilona joined Scotland Food & Drink as Events Manager, where she is responsible for organising and managing events across the country, from their annual conference, and showcase events to the annual Food & Drink Excellence Awards.

“Before working at Scotland Food & Drink I worked for one of Scotland’s top catering companies which exposed me to the extensive array that Scotland’s natural larder has to offer. This, combined with growing up surrounded by food production on the farm, meant it was a natural step to pursue a career in the sector”

“It was the vibrancy and potential of the industry that initially attracted me, as well as the fact that I had background experience, and wanted to build on that to help push the industry forward in my own little way.”

For Ilona, getting young people more involved or choosing a career in the food and drink industry is one of the most important ways to help it continue to grow and to safeguard it for future generations.

“Young people are the future of the industry and we need them to ensure it continues to grow, not just here at home but internationally. Getting young people involved from as early as possible will help make this possible.”

“I have been lucky to meet so many interesting and inspiring people from various parts of the food and drink industry and it never ceases to amaze me how passionate everyone is and their drive to tell the world about how amazing Scottish produce is.”

Ilona’s #ScotFoodGoals are to convert as many people as possible to good quality, local, Scottish produce and, through her job, take this message out to as many people as she can!

Watch Ilona’s #ScotFoodGoals video