A chat with Iain Campbell, Managing Director of fourth generation fishmonger George Campbell & Sons, Perth.

This year’s Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight is all about food heroes – the farmers and fishermen who are the backbone of the industry. What does the term ‘food heroes’ mean to you?

We all have our own food heroes, our local fishmonger, butcher, farmer.  At George Campbell and Sons, food heroes are the fishermen and trawler men who go out daily in all elements of weather (frequently risky) to bring home fresh fish to our plate. The last of the true hunter gatherers.


Scotland is renowned for the quality of its fish and seafood – can you tell us more about why that is?

Geographically we are an island nation surrounded by a rich abundant coast, fertile land, clean unpolluted fresh water within our mountains. Scotland has prime land and seas to produce the finest quality of Seafood and other produce.


Your business has an extraordinary heritage, spanning four generations. What’s the secret of such longevity?

My uncle and my father taught me everything I know about business, and if I was to try and pick one quality, one set of parameters by which to conduct business, it would be to act in a gentlemanly manner. To be kind and courteous, honest and true, to your staff, customers and suppliers in equal measure and at all times.


Are you noticing any trends in terms of the demand for fish and seafood across the restaurant and caterers you supply?

Yes, chefs are using are more diverse range of species; people are listening to the need for Marine Stewardship, Marine Conservation and sustainability, and customers are open to try different fish. Aquaculture products play a bigger role in the palate of offerings.


If you could encourage the public to one thing during the Fortnight what would it be and why?

Try one new species they haven’t tried before. Ask our fishmonger who will be happy to give any cooking and preparation advice if they are trying something new.


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