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Davie’s father and uncles were fishermen; he worked at sea with his father when he was younger. He believes in the importance of sustainable practices for the long term benefit to the fishery and fleet.

“All fish is valuable, it is essential to maximise the value of the catch, therefore it’s essential to make sure high quality is landed.” Davie’s crew prides themselves with being an above average quality boat.

Skipper Name: David Milne
Name of Boat: ADORN
Sector: Whitefish
Main Species caught: Haddock, Hake, Cod, Flatfish, Whiting and Saithe

Fishing Ethos:

“Once you are out of the harbour there is a great sense of freedom, the sea becomes your ‘domain’. I get a great sense of pride when I land a good catch. The challenge of catching fish and becoming a successful ‘hunter’ is what inspires me to fish. There is no better feeling than returning from a trip with a good catch.

Any trip where you find good fish easily and quickly and return to port quicker than planned and make a good price is great. Trouble is that it doesn’t often happen like that. In my previous boat, the Kinnaird, we did a trip to Rockall. The weather was bad, the fishing was very poor. We stuck at it for about a week trying to get a catch, and waiting for things to improve. In the end we had to give up and come back with very little fish for all our efforts. It’s a long way to get there and come back after all that with just about nothing was really bad – a total loss.”


“Fishermen want stocks to be healthy. I love the sea and want to continue fishing into the future; so for the long term good we need to find ways to improve.”

Favourite Fish:

“Of all the fish we catch I still think haddock and lemon sole would be my two favourite fish. I like Haddock battered, not because it’s a boring fish but it’s simply the best way to eat it! Otherwise I look for lemon sole cooked with cheese sauce – that’s delicious”