Tying in with the Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology, Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight is profiling a range of different food themes and asking everyone, whatever their connection to the Scottish Food and Drink industry, to simply ‘change one thing’ (#onethingfortnight).


Using the following themes as inspiration, we’ll be searching the archives for historical Scottish dishes and food traditions, asking chefs to provide us with recipes and tips that offer their own modern take on a theme, which we’ll then share far and wide.

All the while, we will be encouraging everyone to make one change during the Fortnight that will support the greater use, and enjoyment of, Scottish produce (#onethingfortnight).

For example, an office worker may switch to Scotch Beef or Scottish Salmon in their daily sandwich; a chef may add an additional Scottish supplier to their list; a retailer may implement a new system for profiling their Scottish suppliers on social media – the list of possibilities is endless!

We are then asking people to share their #onethingfortnight experiences, activities and photos with us on social media, or via email, so that we can all celebrate Scottish food and drink together.

So what are you waiting for? Get involved today!

Each of the 16 days of the Fortnight will focus on one of the following themes:

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