Matthew has been a fisherman for 30 years, a skipper for 20 years. His family has been fishing for generations since 1968. He fishes 4 days a week for 12 hours each day – out on Monday morning at 5AM and back on Thursday.

Skipper Name: Matthew Ramsay

Name of Boat: Ocean Herald

Sector: Shellfish

Main Species Caught: Scallops

A couple of weeks ago Matthew had a particularly good haul, overall the fishing has been quite consistent throughout his career. Recently there has actually been an increase in Scallops which have been great. We pride ourselves on fishing properly and sustainably. We spend 6 months fishing in the Clyde then 6 months in Gigha, dependent on the weather and seasonality. We are able to fish throughout the year and go back to the same fishing grounds year after year because we are careful. We respect the sea and need to make sure the catch is given time to replenish and grow.

My two sons have now joined the trade, continuing the tradition and making sure these valuable skills don’t die out.

Being skipper is hard work, you have to constantly preserve and work at end, even when you’re not at sea you have to keep the boat in good condition and make sure all the repairs are made on time. It’s not a job as much as it is a way of life. I take pride in catching scallops during my 4 days at sea, and making it home with a decent wage. I don’t need to be fishing non-stop for 24 hours throughout the whole week, it’s about balance; being able to provide a good living for my family.

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